The Hobbit – A Companion for KS2 & 3


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One of the most important lessons I have learned over the years is that every child is unique, and that, especially with home education, children do not fit neatly into boxes.  This guide was born out of my home educating adventures with my son and his passion for classic literature with complex themes and exciting language. He loves to listen to adventure stories about magic and mystery, to chat organically about characters and events and to engage in playful projects. This is written to be a companion to a family reading The Hobbit. It is for older and younger children, readers and writers, those who are just beginning their literacy journey and prefer to narrate. It is for families who want a weekly guide they can follow in a structured way and for families who like dipping in and out of things and picking and choosing the bits that best suit them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who wrote and illustrated this companion?

This guide was written by Sarah, who has been teaching for eighteen years, both in schools and as a tutor, and is passionate about inspiring and empowering children through literature, drama and creativity. Sarah home educates her own children, runs democratic creative workshops from her garden in Kent and writes resources and courses to support fellow home educating families. The beautiful illustrations are by Will Carey, an Edinburgh=based artist and illustrator and graduate of the Edinburgh College of Art.

What age is this suitable for?

This is a flexible resource pack aimed at children of all ages, though the story of The Hobbit is probably most suitable for ages eight and up.

Do I need to purchase any additional material?

You will need a copy of The Hobbit, by J. R. R. Tolkien, which you can find at your local bookshop or on the internet. There are some wonderful copies available with the original illustrations. You could also use an audiobook and may wish to use the film to support your learning. You will also need basic household items, stationery, art and craft materials.

How long should I spend on this and how should we structure our time?

This is entirely up to you. You could spend one week on each chapter, focusing on a different area for each day. You may wish to skip some chapters and summarise them for your child, to do all of the activities or only some.

What are the rules around refunds and copyright?

We cannot offer refunds on any digital products. This is strictly for your own family’s personal use and is absolutely not to be shared in any form with anyone else, or resold.

Do you offer any ongoing support?

Absolutely – join our Facebook Group (Imagination Shed Home Ed Club) for support and advice using our products or if you have a specific query please message me at

How will I receive my product?

Once you have purchased the curriculum, it will be automatically available for download and emailed to you. If you cannot see it within a few minutes in your inbox, please check your spam folder and if you still cannot find it there is a technical glitch so please let me know at

The Activities

There are three sections.

Section 1: Chapter by Chapter

Each part here is based on a chapter of the novel. There are suggestions for discussion prompts which could be used to inspire oral discussion or comprehension questions. There are invitations for play, role play and art adventures, and narration prompts. Children may want to explore their ideas orally and adults can scribe if they wish, or children might want to record their ideas themselves.

Section 2: Choose Your Own Journey

This section contains a space for each remaining chapter of the story. If children wish to continue completing a chapter-by-chapter journal of their reading of the book, they can draw, write or narrate a summary of the main events of that chapter.

Section 3: Open-Ended Projects

These are bigger projects to get your teeth into – drama, DT, art, creative writing and more. These can be carried out alongside the reading of the remainder of the book.


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