Lighting Up Summer (Senior Edition for 8-13s): Five Children & It


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Journey through extracts from E. Nesbit’s classic tale of magic and adventure, as well as beautiful summer poetry and non-fiction texts, as you learn through literature.

Through this pack, you can be inspired to help your child learn through literature as they develop:

  • Imagination and creativity
  • Data handling and measurement skills
  • Comprehension, including inference, recall and prediction
  • Grammatical knowledge
  • Scientific understanding
  • Understanding of poetic form and literary devices
  • Creative writing for a range of purposes
  • Empathy with characters through discussion and drama
  • Motor skills through art and craft activities
  • Enjoyment of poetry

And lots more, all while having heaps of summery fun!

This pack is approximately 50 pages long. You will need a copy of Five Children and It but this is available to download for free from the internet, as is the poetry alluded to in the resource pack.


When you purchase this resource pack, you will see a box with an option to ‘Download’ – please click this. The pack will also be emailed to you. If you cannot find it in your inbox or spam please email Sarah at to let me know.


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