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Receive personalised feedback for your young writer.

Simply send a copy of a piece of their creative writing – an essay, story, poem or non-fiction piece of their and your choice – to me via email, and I will carefully read through it and provide both you and your child with a detailed response, looking at style, form and structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation, content and the impact on the reader.

I will provide information about:

  • Areas of particular strength
  • My personal response to their writing and what I especially enjoyed
  • Suggestions for ways to improve the writing
  • Ideas for future activities to build on their success, with templates, guidance or strategies if relevant

This is most suitable for children working at roughly a Key Stage 2 or 3 level and as it is general feedback and does not link with any particular examination board, it would not be suitable for those looking for specific GCSE feedback, for example, or assessment of literature essays.

Once you check out, you will receive a PDF with further information about how to get in touch.


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